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Do not worry.

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

DO NOT WORRY. It seems like human beings have a need to worry. We worry about things we don’t have; and we worry about things we do have. We get busy thinking about, work, family, careers, school, even church, that we become death to God’s voice and His purpose for us daily. Business directs our focus on what ever we are busy trying to accomplish.
If you feel trapped in a busy lifestyle, God provided a way for you to have rest. Jesus said cast you cares and burden on me for I care for you. A similar passage in the Bible encourages us to “be still and know that” He is God.
If we would learn to hear His voice and live by His Spirit we would found the secret path to a meaningful and purposeful life for the Kingdom of God.

  • Hearing God’s voice brings us peace, confidence, and rest (it’s amazing the mountains you can move by prayer of faith.)
  • Living by the Spirit keeps us in tune with God and active in His Kingdom.

Practically, any time your mind is troubled or worried, find peace in listening to the voice of God though: The reading of the Bible, Quite time in meditation of His word, And Prayer.